Metz vs. PSG  1 - 5

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +1 PSG push forward on one final attack as they try to find a sixth goal, but they're unable to do so quickly enough and the referee eventually brings an end to the game with the final whistle.
90' The fourth official has indicated that there will be just one minute of added time.
89' PSG quickly win the ball back from the restart and push forward on yet another determined attack. Meunier darts down the right wing and fires a looping cross over to the far post, where Mbappe manages to reach the ball but can't control it.
87' Lucas Moura has scored a goal for PSG!
GOAL! Lucas piles more misery on Metz! A looping cross over to the far post finds Meunier, who quickly knocks it down to Lucas. The Brazilian's first-time effort is scuffed into the post, but he's then able to knock it into the back of the net ahead of Udol.
86' Fernandez muscles his way through a sea of yellow shirts before firing a low, deflected strike behind for a corner. It's fired into the heart of the box and finds Niakhate, who rises high but can't hit the target with his bullet header.
85' Neymar and Mbappe link up beautifully over on the left-hand side of the hosts' penalty area, setting up the teenager to shoot. He looks set to do so, but he can't quite break through a sea of Metz defenders and eventually loses out.
84' C. Nkunku enters the game and replaces A. Rabiot.
Rabiot has made way for Christopher Nkunku for the final six minutes of the game.
83' The home side keep pushing forward and do well to win themselves a corner. It's swung in by Dossevi and almost finds Niakhate in the middle of the box, but the defender can't quite reach the ball, despite rising high.
81' Metz patiently knock the ball around deep down the right wing. Balliu is eventually able to get the better of his marker before firing a low cross towards the near post, where it's blasted away by Kimpembe.
79' A PSG attacking move comes to an end and Metz are able to push forward on a rare foray into the league leaders' half of the pitch. N'Guette, who has barely seen the ball since coming on, quickly darts down the left flank, but he's unable to keep the ball in play and gives away a throw-in.

Ligue 1 table

# Team MP D P
1 31 +74 83
2 30 +42 66
3 30 +24 59
4 30 +26 57
5 30 +3 45
6 30 +0 44
7 30 +3 42
8 30 -3 42
9 30 -11 39
10 30 -14 38
11 30 -6 37
12 31 -6 35
13 30 -14 35
14 30 -15 35
15 30 -19 32
16 30 -9 31
17 30 -12 30
18 30 -15 29
19 30 -19 28
20 30 -29 21
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