France vs. Andorra  3 - 0

General Game Stats Chart


Minute   Description
90' +3 Varane has a pop from range again and blooters over. That should be that.
90' +1 W. Ben Yedder has scored a goal for France!
GOAL! 3-0 FRANCE! France get the convincing-looking victory they deserve. Fekir puts the ball into the six-yard box and Ben Yedder taps it home.
89' Vales recovers quickly enough to take out Fekir as he bears down on goal. Andorra have committed a lot of fouls but they've been more clumsy than dirty.
87' Alaez goes down under pressure from Tolisso. Andorra free-kick. It's lifted into France's box, and Vales fouls Lloris as the keeper punches it away. The defender takes a whack in the face in the process and stays down. He's OK after some treatment.
86' Sergi Moreno enters the game and replaces Marcio Vieira.
Andorra make their last substitution too. Vieira off. Moreno on.
85' N. Fekir enters the game and replaces K. Coman.
With Giroud lurking behind him, San Nicolas nods a header out for a corner. Before it's taken, Fekir comes on for Coman. His early goal helped France ease to what has long been an inevitable victory.
82' Griezmann peels away to await a cross at the far post and angles a left-footed shot towards goal. It's close to Gomes and the keeper claims it.
80' Jordi Rubio enters the game and replaces Ludo.
Andorra make another change. It's Clemente's turn to get tormented down the flanks. Rubio's game is over.
79' France get a corner that Griezmann takes short. Ben Yedder runs across the face of goal and fires back towards the near post but it bounces wide.
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